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Exis Innovation LLC is a trusted Technology Infrastructure firm that provides innovative business solutions for winning, strategic, and practical technology implementation.

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Our services include Information Transport Systems & Technology Infrastructure services, CCTV Installation & Maintenance, Data, Voice, Video installation services & Home Theater design/build services, and Technology-based Project Management Services.


Our mission is to provide our clients with products and services that deliver results as effectively and efficiently as possible. We achieve our goal by being fully committed to the process and quality, and combining the highest level of resources and expertise to assure that our clients receive the most excellent ROI.

We introduce state-of-the-art solutions that equip our clients, their field offices, vehicles, and personnel with all the necessary tools to function at peak efficiency. The process sometimes includes a total revamp of their Information Technology and Security platforms to provide transparency, interoperability, uniformity, and seamless integration at the various levels, locations, and functions within the organisation.

At Exis Innovation LLC, we bring together the greatest minds, the best creator, and the most advanced technology to ignite, accelerate and speed up positive impact. At Exis Innovation, we translate our expertise and experience to social impact through innovations that create a better future. We develop great products, through a workforce of invigorated innovators who drive positive impact globally.


THE EXIS innovation TEAM

“We're a minority firm with a passion for excellence.. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Princeton Marioghae

Princeton has spent more than twenty years in Information Technology / Project management Industries emphasizing the synergy of the converging world of man and machine. The core focus is Technology Infrastructure, Audio/Video Systems, Business Development, Project Management, and Service Deployment. Producing exemplary service as a consultant, innovator, team leader, facilitator, and vendor relations manager.  Solid communication and presentation skills, market research, and strategic planning. Technology consulting and high-level business development.

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We have 50 years of cumulative experience in a broad range of acoustical and electrical engineering services, with special emphasis on building and room acoustics, noise control, electro-acoustics, sound design, audio/visual, and production lighting systems. His experience includes the design of acoustics and technical systems for entertainment facilities including arenas, churches, sports facilities, meeting facilities, and theatres; design of audio/visual presentation and control systems for professional, educational, and training facilities; interior acoustical design of broadcast studios, auditoriums, rehearsal halls, performance facilities, and convention centers; design of architectural and mechanical noise and vibration control systems for office buildings, hotels and apartment complexes.

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We provide Consultancy Services, Technology related services, CCTV, Data, Voice, Video, Audio Visual Installations and Structured Cabling Services. 

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